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PRO services

Wide range of PRO solutions

Golden visa setup in one week

Get your UAE golden visa approval in few days.

Government approvals

Documents approval by the UAE authorities

Government online services

Completion of all your online applications and online business requirment.

Visa services, including visit (single and multi-entry, residency, golden visa)

Get the fastest services for the lowest cost

Family residency visas

Get residencies for your family members in UAE, the safest country in the world, start a new business or career and enjoy the luxury life.

About Lights Triangle

We help you to start a new business with or without office, we provide offices spaces and Ejari services, we do all kind of visa including golden visa. We provide as well all kind of business services and offices cleaning and maintenance.

Business Setup Services



ltriangle did my UAE golden visa procedure ...Best service in a short duration , quik response and best cost ever found in UAE market

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